Not Your Average Duo

Elizabeth and Brady first met in 2008, while attending McNally Smith College of Music, in Saint Paul MN. As Their passion for singing together grew and they began attending open mic nights around downtown Saint Paul, to test out their new material. 

    From 2008 to 2012 Liz and Brady were both members of their school’s flagship contemporary vocal ensemble. The group’s meticulous focus on the blending of voices gave these two the discipline and respect for the art of vocal harmony.

    In the fall of 2010 Liz and Brady put together a five piece party band called “The Sugar Benders.” The Band’s eclectic sound and fun loving attitude landed them gigs in many casinos around the midwest area such as Treasure Island and Mystic Lake. “The Sugar Benders”  also gained the privilege of playing the opening ceremony of Saint Paul’s famous winter carnival in 2011.

     In the fall of 2012 Brady and Elizabeth packed the car and moved to Fort Myers Beach Florida. Here they began their full time career as acoustic duo, “Briz And Lady.”  In just two years, the duo had gained thousands of hours of performance experience, allowing them to hone and polish their own unique sound.


    Brady and Elizabeth became Mr. and Mrs. Smith on July 13, 2013. They were married on Greens Island Maine; Brady’s home’town.’ Instead of having the traditional “Bridal March,” they composed their own song called “Don’t Wanna go it Alone,” to express their love. It is nowone of their favorite songs on their album.

    By the summer of 2014 “Briz And Lady” were ready to record their first album. They spent that summer back in Saint Paul living and recording with their previous band mates. “We wanted to showcase our love for multiple genres,” says Brady, and through the employment horns strings and keys, in addition to their rhythm section, they achieved just that. Their album, “A Long Time Coming,” has a poppy undertone throughout, but exhibits influences of folk, rock, reggae, R&B, and hip-hop.

    Since September of 2016, the duo has been residing back in Saint Paul, MN. They released they’re new self produced EP “Square One” in April of 2019. This 5 song collection is a great representation of Briz and Lady’s musical evolution, where in every piece of instrumentation was recoded by the duo themselves.